Spatial Articulation: Vision in Motion, L. Moholy-Nagy

  • Vision in motion is seeing while moving.
  • Vision in motion is seeing moving objects either in reality or in forms of visual representation as in cubism and futurism. In the latter case of the spectator, stimulated by specific means of rendering, re-creates mentally and emotionally the original motion.
  • Vision in motion is simultaneous grasp. Simultaneous grasp is creative performance – seeing, feeling and thinking in relationship and not as a series of isolated phenomena. It instantaneously integrates and transmutes single elements into a coherent whole. This is valid for physical vision as well as for the abstract.
  • Vision in motion is a synonym for simultaneity and space-time; a means to comprehend the new dimension.
  • Vision in motion also signifies planning, the projective dynamics of our visionary faculties.

An excerpt from L. Moholy-Nagy’s In Defense of “Abstract” Art from Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, IV (1945).

A X L II, 1927. Oil, graphite, ink on canvas.

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