Absorption: A Work in Progress

“In 1970, nine years before my first wearable pieces, Joseph Beuys created the first of his felt suits.

I became aware of this in 1986 and its existence has bothered me ever since…At the beginning of the nineties I conceived of a solution: the absorption of the suit.

To this end I have metamorphosed myself into a moth (see photo), and proceeded systematically to eat, one after another, the 100 suits Beuys sold to private and public collections around the world.

In some cases my activity was temporarily disrupted by misguided conservation efforts…Nevertheless, it would not be immodest or inaccurate to state that I have already put more than one suit of its exhibition condition.

My work is not easy, but it’s not without reward, and, what is most important, it continues.”

Jana Sterbak, 1995.

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