What Does the Internet Sound Like?

Last night, I attended DJ Spooky’s multimedia performance Quantopia: The Evolution of the Internet at McMaster University. The performance was beautifully crafted by Paul D. Miller, who did a great job explaining his artistic process within a historical context. To understand more about Miller’s work, I’m sharing a video of his talk given at York University earlier this year.

QUANTOPIA, defined as the utopia of quantification —the dream that we can count, measure, and weigh everything and reach a perfect understanding of the world despite its paradoxes— brings new, fresh perspectives on the 50-year evolution of information technology. DJ Spooky creates live loops and layers of sound, enveloped by data visualization, live strings and youth choir singing lines from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The hour-long experience illuminates ever-present issues of inclusion and exclusion, echo chambers and small-world phenomena.

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