Kilim Motifs & Embroidery Patterns

Musing about visions of tapestry weavings. Perhaps revisiting fragmented childhood memories of being in spaces/places adorned with ancestral knowledge. Planning to assemble and juxtapose traditional motifs onto paper. Also interested in transferring embroidery patterns onto graph paper.

With my roots planted in Western Ukraine, embroidery with geometric patterns relates to the beauty of Ukrainian nature. I’ve always had an affinity to geometry and often considered my own abstract thinking manifesting itself visually in embroidered patters and woven motifs. Embroidery has secret codes woven into it, further developing my interest in the metaphysical aspects of weaving/thinking/seeing. As traditional embroidery has pagan roots, some of the symbols are intertwined with Slavic mythology. Thus, the rhombus is a symbol of fertility. It promotes the expansion of the family and the improvement of its well-being. Stars symbolize the ancient idea of the universe, which is distinguished by a certain order and harmony. 

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